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Lorenz NeuroVasc is a Canadian company operating as the exclusive supplier of FREMS™ technology to the North American healthcare industry.

FREMS™ technology is the product of Lorenz Biotech S.p.A. of Modena, Italy, and is rapidly being adopted as a preferred treatment option in the European markets.

FREMS™ is able to improve peripheral blood flow, release of angiogenetic growth factors, and reactivate Vasomotion activity. FREMS™ is the result of a research dedicated to realizing a non-pharmacological system able to treat neurovascular diseases, such as chronic wounds, diabetic neuropathy, and injuries.

Lorenz NeuroVasc is an important contributor to technology and scientific development, particularly in its sponsoring of various clinical trials.  The company engages in direct sales, training, and service, through its own professional employee base.

Our Mission: To provide cutting edge FREMS™-based medical technologies for the treatment of neurovascular disorders, resulting in improved quality of life.

Our Vision: Establish FREMS™ as a North American standard for the treatment of neurovascular disorders such as:

  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Vasculopathy
  • Non-healing wounds

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